Pet the horses at the B&B

There are several beautiful horses on the terrain of our B&B. They are kept for breeding in Andalucia so you cannot ride them. However, you can pet and cuddle them and give them a tasty snack.  The horses love that bit of extra attention.

Amazing horse riding routes in Andalucia

The routes go through the mountains and/or alongside the azure-blue lake. Past farmhouses, between the olive trees, along winding sand paths by the lake of Zahara de la Sierra. Breathtaking views are not an exception. Sometimes you can see the mountain peaks of Sierra de Grazalema in the distance. The horseback routes are all on car-free or low-traffic roads. You will experience a fantastic day when you go horseback riding here in southern Spain!

Santiago, the horse whisperer

Santiago is the owner of the riding school and is a true authentic Spaniard. Small in stature, mischievous eyes, sun-burnt skin, never without his cowboy hat. He loves his horses and his horses love him. Santiago only needs to whistle and the horses follow him faithfully. That’s why if you’re an inexperienced rider it’s quite safe to follow these familiar routes with Santiago.

Riding with small children is no problem either. Santiago has an extra rope to secure the horse so nothing can happen, or he takes the child with him to share his own saddle.

Santiago also likes to talk about the surroundings and loves to joke. Unfortunately, he doesn’t speak English.

Horseback tourPrice
Tour of 1 hour€ 18 p/h
Tour of 2 hours€ 15 p/h
Also day tours available!on request

We’d be pleased to make a reservation for you. You can of course also contact him yourself.

Santiago: 0034 608 840 376

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Two hours horseback riding

A one hour horseback riding tour is possible but if you have the time, at least two hours is really recommended. You will see much more of the wonderful rural life in Andalucia, southern Spain.

Where to find the stables

After a drive of half an hour you arrive at the recreation area of Playita Arroyomolinos. It lies on the lake, a little beyond Zahara de la Sierra. You have to enter the parking lot, and then just before the entrance gate of the recreation area, turn right over a small bridge. It may seem like the gate of the parking lot is closed, but if Santiago knows you are coming the lock will be open!


Tip: take your swimming gear for a refreshing swim in the lake at Playita Arroyomolinos!