Maravilla Verde (Finca San Juan) is a casa rural and borders the well-known Via Verde de la Sierra, a 36 kilometre long bicycle and walking route, which starts at Puerto Serrano and goes all the way to Olvera. Originally a railway track now converted to a tourist hot spot, with its tunnels straight through the heart of nature, inaccessible by other means of traffic.

The presence of two rivers, the Guadalete and the Guadalporc, guarantees lush green vegetation and a wide variety of wildlife such as mountain goats, otters, butterflies, dragon flies and of course birds. The pride of the region is the colony of more than 200 couples of vultures at the Penon de Zaframagon.

On the vast land (1250 acres) that forms our hacienda, or cortijo as the Spanish often call it, many beautiful and romantic spots can be found to enjoy the tranquility and surroundings. The river for example offers little beaches with views of the tops of the mountains where the vultures and eagles circle around.

The valley is free of electromagnetic radiation and therefore there is no mobile reach.

Finca San Juan is originally intended as a school for toreadors and still has a small bullring for practicing. Luckily even in Spain, less and less support is found for this rather cruel tradition.